Why I decided to become an immigration specialist


I have been working as an immigration specialist for several years now and I am constantly being asked why I chose the career that I did. After all it is not a career that many people consider. There are actually quite a few reasons that I made the choice that I did.

The main reason that I chose to become an immigration specialist was that it allowed me to help people who were truly deserving of help. There are millions of people who dream of moving to America, the process however is not easy to navigate. The laws that cover immigration are very complicated and this makes it difficult for most immigrants. The result is that many people who should be allowed to move here are denied that chance, being able to help those people is very satisfying.

The other big reason that I chose to become an immigration specialist was that it is such a challenging and fascinating field. As already mentioned the laws are very complex and this means that there is a new challenge every day. Unlike other areas of the law I know that I will be handling something different every time I go to work. Some days it may be paperwork, others It may be a deportation hearing, no two days are ever the same which keeps things interesting.

I have to admit that I had not really considered becoming an immigration specialist until my mentor Robert Gertler suggested it. He was the one who steered me into the career that I am in now because he knew that it was something that I would find interesting and challenging. He was certainly right about that. The job that I have now requires constant learning as there are always new rules and new issues that I have to deal with.

The decision to become an immigration specialist has been one of the best that I have ever made. I knew going in that I would like helping people and that I would like the challenge but there have been a whole host of side benefits that I had not expected. The biggest of these is the people who have met in the course of my career. It goes without saying that I have met a lot of clients over the years but this is just the tip of the iceberg, in this job there is constant interaction with people from all different walks of life.

The career of an immigration specialist has tuned out to be a great one for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed both helping people and the challenges that it presents. I would highly recommend the career to anybody who has similar interests and is not sure of what to do with their lives.